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Pencil portrait of a Man

Pencil Portrait Sketch of Man

By | Sketches

Pencil Portrait, March 2017

I completed this pencil portrait of a man in March 2017, in a life drawing session in Manchester.


Pencil portrait of a Man


The pose itself lasted about 30 minutes, giving me enough time to build up the structure and then build detail on top. This piece is significant in that it is my most accomplished portrait render to date.


I still see some issues with my proportions. The drawing is still at a very basic and rudimental stage.

Things for me to address moving forward will include:

  • Paying more attention to developing a way to capture the weight of the body.
  • Working towards utilising the uniqueness of keystone moments in order to capture a greater likeness. This will be an important aim for me in order to progress.


Overall, the aim of the game stays the same. Draw, draw and draw some more!

Will keep posting my updates. Enjoy!